Hi, I'm HC,

I'm a textile artist, painter and print maker. 

In a world of minimalist design my style is definitely MAXIMALIST. I love to layer pattern, texture & lots of colour. More is definitely more.

Repetition is a common thread in my work with a focus on repeat pattern making for printed textiles. The work starts with a gouache painting and once completed I reduce certain elements to create a repeat pattern which is screen printed or digitally printed onto textile.


The mediums which I utilize play with a visual language of order and chaos. The chaos of maximalist pattern is paired with a visual structure such as a grid to balance the composition and the way in which the viewer relates to the work. Such a method creates a rhythmic balance within the work allowing breathing space for those who chose to inhabit the work.

If you'd like to discuss a project please email or Whatsapp me, details below.


HC Gordon Artist

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TL;DR - Hannah-Clare de Gordun, Irish textile artist based in Dublin. Specialises in maximalist pattern making and painting for printed textiles. Smiley Face.